I grew up in a home of constant change and remodeling. I’d wake up one morning and the floors would be ripped up or the furniture completely rearranged. The daughter of another designer, my mother kept a scrapbook of my childhood drawings which were primarily renderings of my dream home. I attribute most of my design education to my mother.

Born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, CA, much of my aesthetic is influenced by the diversity of landscapes, design, and culture of my hometown. Winding myself through a career in film production and then in elementary education, I found myself back to my roots, my first true love – interior design.

My design philosophy is simple and three-fold:

  • Balance – To live in a balanced space is to feel comfortable, secure, and at home. There is visual balance, but there is also the balance between the classical and the modern; the balance of soft and hard textures; even of high-end furniture and thrift-store finds.
  • Nature – If you borrow from Earth’s first and best designer, then you are sure to create a space that feels serene and complete.
  • The Individual – Without the people, a home is just empty. If you truly get to know and understand your clients, then you will uncover a treasure of inspiration. Every space is unique as is every person.

My relationship with my clients is the most important aspect of my job. If there is mutual trust between myself and my clients, those are the times that everyone is most pleased by the results.